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Happy Anniversary Trio Wine Box

  • Celebrate new love with vintage wine! Our 3-tiered pine wood Newlywed’s box is the gift that keeps on giving. Stock it with fine wine and the lovely couple will be ready to celebrate their anniversary for years to come.
    Fits 3 standard bottles  (3 house wines included; they can be upgraded below if you wish).
    Crafted from pine wood

  • What is included in this Wine Gift Basket?

    Anniversary Trio Box - This wooden box is made of wine wood and consists of three compartments and three saying for three occasions. Enjoy! 

Gifting Kosher's Wine Gift Baskets

This gift basket includes three bottles of Gifting Kosher's house wine, Mogen David Concord KP, Terra Vega Carmenere, and Manischewitz Concord K. The three included bottles of wine may be upgraded to any of the wines from our extensive collection,including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. But why settle for the gift we’ve shown when you can add more to the mix by adding additional bottles of champagne, wine, liquor, etc, to elevate this gift from great to spectacular!

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The bottle of wine included in the gift you have chosen is an American Kosher Red Wine - Mogen David Concord KP. Mogen David wines are 100% certified Kosher and perfect for your next holiday or family gathering. All ingredients, production, and winemaking procedures for Mogen David wines are carefully crafted to align with Kosher-complaint procedures. Mogen David Concord KP is a sweet wine with aromas of fresh Concord grapes with an elegant finish.


The gift that you have chosen includes Terra Vega Carmenere – a wonderful Kosher red wine from Chile. This Carmenere is ruby red with soft violet hues. In the nose, you can find aromas of black fruits with hints of spice and a touch of vanilla from oak ageing. Notes of plums and blackberries are highlighted on the palate. The tannins are soft and silky for a balanced finish.


The third bottle of wine included in this gift basket is Manischewitz Concord K, an American red Kosher wine, featuring a splendidly sweet taste with notes of blueberry, strawberry and blackberry. This medium-bodied and fruity wine delivers a punch of flavor that will excite your taste buds. This sweet and fruity wine pairs perfectly with salty chips and crackers, bold gourmet cheeses, and chocolatey delights.

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Gifting Kosher’s gift baskets are crafted with Kosher diets in mind. We strive to ensure our clients, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences, have access to the foods and gifts they want and enjoy! From our gourmet foods to our fine wines, enjoy a plethora of amazing, tasty, and delicious items, all Kosher, and all made to the best quality for you to enjoy to the fullest!

Customer Reviews

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excellent gift option

The basket arrived exactly on time, was beautifully arranged, and the recipients loved it as well as the container it came in, which they plan to reuse because it's too pretty to throw away.


Happy Anniversary Trio Wine Box

very happy with the purchase

Gave this to our friends for their 25th anniversary and they enjoyed it very much. The wine was great and everything in the basket was enjoyable. Great presentation with the anniversary bow. Yes i would recommend this

Perfect Wedding Gift

I purchased this as a gift for my best friend and her husband on their wedding day. I love that I got to customize the wines/champagnes inside and pick a delivery date. The date I selected the first time was incorrect (my mistake) but customer service got back to me within 1 business day and helped to sort it out! The box arrived inside a large cardboard box stuffed with packing peanuts to protect it and came with a card and a large golden ribbon. I wrapped the box in some nice paper, applied the ribbon, paired it with champagne flutes and had a perfect wedding gift! I would definitely purchase again!

great product

We sent this gift to our kids for their 6th Anniversary. The gift arrived right on time! The kids said the appearance was beautiful and the wine and treats(which i had added separately) were good and complimented each other. They were excited by the surprise gift and, naturally, we were very pleased with their excitement. Thank You for helping us make their Anniversary so special.