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Our Story

Founded in 2018, Gifting Kosher was born out of a passion for curating exceptional kosher gift baskets that perfectly compliment Jewish customs and culture. After scouring the market for kosher gifts that were unique and different, we quickly realized that there was a lack of selection. We seized the opportunity and created what is now a one-stop destination for all things kosher.

We have a wide range of kosher gifts such as kosher wines, gourmet treats, and other celebratory delights that are truly one of a kind. Each one of our gift baskets are arranged by expert designers and curators, ensuring an exceptional degree of uncompromising quality and aesthetic appeal. We believe in offering the highest standard of kosher gifts while also ensuring our customers have a wide selection of gifting options to chose from.

Gifting Kosher operates in the USA and Canada, with same-day delivery available for most residents within select locations. At Gifting Kosher, we strive to apply the same level of care and attention in our customer service as we do in curating our products, we listen! We aim to make shopping with us as enjoyable an experience as it is to receive the gift baskets themselves.

A gift basket from Gifting Kosher is more than just a regular gift; it is a promise of bespoke Jewish luxury.

Core Values:

Our core values are people, service, quality, and innovation. These values determine everything we do. We strive to create the best gifts and gift services for our customers, to ensure the very best gifting experience every time.